Please click on the image below to reach the Doodle log in area. You can also download the Doodle App for your devices at home from your App Store. 


Doodle Learning is a website and app which allows children to practise skills and consolidate learning. It tailors to the needs of the indidivdual child and provides learning support with fun, interactive activities for children to complete. If a child finds a particular question difficult, or they don't understand it, it can be added to the 'tricky questions' box, ready to be completed at a later point with adult support. Children are rewarded for their effort and success, earning stars for correct answers. Any incorrect answers can be reviewed and re-attempted. Children will each have a weekly 'star target', based on their age. Children should not try to earn their weekly star target in one attempt, but should play regularly for shorter bursts, as this has proven to have a greater impact on learning and helps to develop a healthy screen time attitude. If a child has met their weekly target, they are in the 'green zone', something that we celebrate within classes.

Doodle is used both in class and as a significant part of home learning. Teachers are able to set 'assignments', based on what children have been learning in class, to reinforce a child's understanding, or before learning, to allow your child's teacher to assess a child's current level of understanding and learning needs before beginning a new topic.

Children will receive their Doodle log in from Reception onwards and can use Doodle to support their learning at home during Reception, Y1 and Y2. Initially, children in the infants will focus on Doodle Maths and they will be introduced to Doodle English and Spell as they move through the school. More information will be sent home as this happens. 

In the juniors, your child will be set three assignments each week to complete for their homework. There will be an assignment on Doodle Maths, English and Spell. These assignments are set on a Friday and are expected to be completed by the following Friday. We have an optional lunchtime homework club every Wednesday for pupils to access. They can complete some of their work here with the support of an adult in school. 

As well as completing assignments, children can use Doodle freely, earning stars and building their 'Doodle Streak.' Streaks and achievements are rewarded in our weekly 'Celebration Assembly.'

We also regularly participate in Doodle Competitions, usually held once per term, which encourages children to use Doodle 'little and often'. To participate in these competitions, a linked parent account will be required. 

Linking your parent email to your child's school account is really important (and really easy!) to do. By linking your parent email you will be able to monitor your child's progress on the free DoodleConnect app or on the Parent Dashboard. This will help ensure that you make the most out of your child's subscription to Doodle!

Your child's log in details for Doodle will be inside their reading record. If you have any questions, please ask your child's class teacher who will be happy to help.

Happy Doodling!

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