As parents, you are no doubt concerned with your child's general health and diet. To promote healthy lifestyles, we do not permit children to eat chocolate, sweets or drink fizzy drinks at playtime and lunchtime. We are a healthy school and our School Council has spent a significant amount of time promoting healthy playtime snacks. Children voted on the snacks allowed for playtimes in order to make a fairer system that could not be confused! Children are allowed to bring fruit or bread/toast for playtimes. Children are expected to bring healthy items in for packed lunches. If food items are not healthy, they may be removed from the child and an alternative offered. 



We are a nut aware school. Please do not send your child with any nut based products into school at all – either in their lunch or as a snack. There are children across the school who have severe, life-threatening allergies and we must ensure their health and safety by all following this rule. If your child does bring in something containing nuts, they will be unable to eat it during the school day and it will be sent back home to you. Many thanks for your co-operation in this and helping us to keep ALL of our children safe.



Please DO NOT send treats into school to celebrate your child's birthday with their class. Whilst we appreciate the generosity, we have to protect those children with food allergies or intolerances. Thank you for your understanding. 

Northway Community Primary School
Dodds Lane,
Merseyside L31 9AA
Main Contact: Mrs C Booth
SEN Contact: Mrs L Sumner