At Northway, we have three simple rules that all children follow to make sure that everyone enjoys their time at school. Our rules are: 






We strive for all of our children to leave us as rounded citizens who are independent learners and thinkers, equipped to face the challenges of the wider world. In order to achieve this, our Northway values underpin everything that we do. 


We expect our children to set themeselves high expectations and strive to be the very best that they can be. We teach children that working hard to achieve our goals is part of life and help them to see themselves as succeeding in whatever they set their minds to. 


We teach our children to always be honest with themselves and those around them. It is important that mistakes are part of our learning journey and only when we are honest can we achieve our potential. 


Being courageous is a skill for life. We try to give our children experiences that will challenge them and make them step outside of their comfort zone. When we dare to try, we open up a world of possibilities. 


Achieving any new skill takes time and is unlikely to happen quickly. We teach our children the importance of persevering and to expect this. When we keep trying and succeed, it feels fantastic!


The word resilience is discussed with our children on a daily basis. We teach our children that challenges help our brain to grow and develop. Mistakes and challenges help our creativity and innovation and we can still achieve despite setbacks. Being positive after mistakes and having another go is crucial to achievement. 


Each week, a Values Champion is selected from each class. Sometimes the selection is made by the teacher and other times it is voted for by the class. We celebrate our Values Champion each week as they promote our Northway Values. 


At Northway we are great believers in the power of a team! The ability to work together with others as part of a team is not simply a skill needed at school, it is a vital skill used in all areas of life. School is, however, an excellent time to cultivate the teamwork ethos your child will then draw from throughout their life.  Working as part of a team strengthens our children's social and emotional skills, helps develop their communication skills, and can improve confidence. 

Teamwork requires people to work cooperatively with others towards a shared purpose and this is why all of our children from reception to year 6 are in one of our school teams. 

Our school teams are named after our Northway Values of:


Each team is led by two Y6 team captains who help to organise their team and lead them on special team days e.g. Sports' Day. The team captains are chosen by all the staff as they model the behaviours of the Northway Values to the younger members of the school. 


Each team works together each week to earn team points. Team points can be earned for demonstrating one of the Northway Values, hard work, excellent manners, being a good friend to name but a few reasons! One of the big points earners comes from Attendance. At Northway we believe that excellent attendance is a vital life skill and this habit starts with our youngest children. All children who have a weekly attendance of 100% earn an extra 5 team points. If a child has 100% attendance at the end of a half term then they will earn 100 team points! This can have a huge impact on which team lifts the Team Cup at the end of each half term or term!



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