In order for us to safeguard your child, it is vital that we have the most up to date medical information about them. We will send out a medical questionnaire annually. However, if your child's circumstances change during the year, please inform school immediately. This can be done via email, phone or in person. Below is a medical questionnaire that you can complete and send in. This will allow us to keep our records up to date. 




We hope that all of our children stay fit and healthy but we know that sadly this isn't always the case. There are times when some children are fit enough to be in school but may require some medication during the school day. Although we are not obliged to do this, we understand the importance of excellent attendance and as such are willing to administer medicine to pupils in school. We have clear policies in school for this and as such if your child needs medication, we ask that you complete the permission form below. Please note school will only administer medication if it has been prescribed by a doctor and has your child's prescription clearly shown. All medication must come to school in its original packaging. 



We have lots of children who have been diagnosed with asthma and we have clear procedures in place to support these pupils in schools. It is vital that we have an in-date inhaler, and spacer if your child has been given one, so they can use this whenever it is needed. have lots of resources to support your child if they are diagnosed. We have attached some helpful resources below.



Many children suffer from allergies and intolerances. It is very important that you keep us up to date with any of these issues. We are a nut-aware school and insist that all children follow our rules. We have some children in school who have serious nut allergies so any food item containing nuts is NOT permitted. This is to protect all children. 

If your child has a severe allergy, your child's class teacher will work with you to complete a risk assessment care plan which will be regularly reviewed. 



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