The PE curriculum at Northway is designed to develop, engage and inspire our children, embedding a love of physical education for all. To help us achieve this goal, the school has invested in a national programme called Real PE which gives every child the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and across the curriculum. As shown in the video of Jasmine’s Journey, Real PE is an inclusive approach to teaching PE which supports every child to ensure that they have a positive relationship with physical activity for life. 


Real PE is a unique, child-centred approach which is designed to include, challenge and support every child at Northway. It is fully aligned to the National Curriculum and each unit focuses on the development of the fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination. In addition to developing these three fundamental skills, each Real PE unit also focuses on developing one of six multi-abilities:

  • Personal
  • Social
  • Cognitive
  • Creative
  • Physical
  • Health and fitness


Therefore, Real PE not only supports children in their physical education but it also develops transferable life skills.

The long term plan for PE includes all of the Real PE units in the order they are taught and this ensures skills progression throughout the year and throughout the year groups.

In addition to their PE lessons, all classes at Northway take part in daily exercise each afternoon, ensuring all pupils feel the benefits of regular physical activity. The long term plan for Daily Exercise details the skills classes will focus on each half-term and ensures that children complete a range of activities throughout the year. All of the daily exercise sessions are linked to the skills pupils develop in the Real PE programme in their PE lessons.

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