Family Support

At Northway we believe communication between ourselves and our families is essential. Some children may have difficulties that require a family-focused approach. Here are some top tips for how you can support your child, as advised by The Anna Freud Centre:



  • Support them through difficulties - Pay attention to their emotions and behaviour, and try to help them work through difficulties. It's not always easy when faced with challenging behaviour, but try to help them understand what they're feeling and why. Help with difficult behaviour and emotions -


  • Stay involved in their life - Show interest in their life and the things important to them. It not only helps them value who they are but also makes it easier for you to spot problems and support them.


  • Encourage their interests - Being active or creative, learning new things and being a part of a team help connect us with others and are important ways we can all help our mental health. Support and encourage them to explore their interests, whatever they are.




There may be times when you are worried about your child and would like more advice about how to support your child through this. Please use the menu attached to this page for links to some online advice websites. Remember, if you have concerns about your child, please contact your child's class teacher to discuss this. We are a partnership and are here to support you. 

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